In this post I would like to touch the problem of a chaos factor during working as a member of the development team.

It is gonna be the short one – just to point out potential threats that can effectively hamper the delivery of good user experience.

Everyone is the UX specialist

If you think about this phenomenon broader you can notice that everyone has his own benefit on it.

Developers just would like to avoid the situation of complex implementation, with some fancy animations, etc. That is why theirs main goal will be to simplify everything (btw – who needs a GUI? The terminal UI is so easy to use ;-)).

Generally, the client is on the opposite side here. But still – generally. If he understands the power of the design he will be forcing fancy solutions with lots of micro-interactions inside that can make the difference. And to be honest – there is nothing wrong with it. It may be toxic if the client has absolutely no knowledge neither about UX and design in general. Then, as a stakeholder with the decision-making powers, he can decide about things that may have a destructive influence on the final shape of the project. “Make the logo bigger”, “There is too much of white space – I don’t pay for empty pixels!”, “Users don’t need it”. Have you heard it before? If it is based on nothing – you are in the trouble!

To be fully objective – I have witnessed many situations where both client or developers had right. Their noncommittal glance on the UI equals fresh and better ideas often. There is nothing bad to have four eyes for the final look. Moreover – it should work like that.

The final clue for this topic should sound like:
Take note of the opinions of all UX-wannabe-advisers. Just try to differentiate between ideas taken from nowhere or reported for their own benefit and these ones which put the good of the end user on the pedestal.